no more secrets
your son, he was a hero

"When I was two my dad took me to St. Lukes, handed me to a nurse and said, ‘Find her a good home.’ Thanks to how my brain works I remember every moment of it. So 25 years later, I’m not cynical, I’m smart. You put a quarter inch wrench on a quarter inch bolt, it works. Tools don’t let you don’t, only people do." // Spending your life, scared to connect with other people isn’t any way to live.

you know, having a family can be a hard thing … makes you vulnerable
   i know
      can be a good thing, too
         I   K N O W

it’s already getting close to 11PM again and i’m not really tired. also i got this big exam tomorrow at 11AM that is kinda important but you can’t really study for it either because they’ll ask a lot of things that are common sense or that you didn’t have. and i kind of don’t have any real hopes on getting a good grade in it. although it doesn’t matter anyway how good i do since it doesn’t influence my general grades in any way. so in theory i totally could relax and all but i’m getting super nervous. this is why i didn’t want to go to uni/college/whatever it’s called. i hate tests and studying. it’s just not my thing. 

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Sorry to bother you.

He’s under my protection.

Get to know: Amy Acker

Yes. This is what happened.

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Sometimes people need a little help, whether they know it or not.

Rest in Peace Leslie Shay.